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Has my mesh converged?

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Has my mesh converged? Finite Element Method as we know is a numerical technique finding approximate solution for structural problems. When solving a finite element problem, how do we ensure that...


Significance of Energies in FE Simulation – Part-1

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Solving Problems with Local Instabilities Energy balance is an important part in a Non-linear FEA analysis. In a static analysis, the Total Energy should ideally be zero. In a transient dynamic...


How to model bending and bending dominated problems in Abaqus?

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As FEA analysts, we often want to use solid elements 3D hexahedral elements, or 2D plane stress / plane strain / axisymmetric quadrilateral elements. Looking into the first order elements, we...


Factor of Strength (FOS) vs Fatigue Reserve Factor (FRF) in FE-SAFE

Software Tips & Tricks

While using FE-SAFE for fatigue analysis, users come across two different types of fatigue safety factors. It is common to get confused on which one to use. Let us take a quick look into both...


Tetrahedral elements available in ABAQUS for structural analysis? When to use what?

Software Tips & Tricks

For a 3D stress analysis, ABAQUS offers 4 different classifications of quadratic tetrahedral elements namely C3D10, C3D10M, C3D10H and C3D10I. Although it is very clear that C3D10H are hybrid...