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Modeling & Simulation (MODSIM) come together, leveraging the digital 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systèmes to break down silos, improve collaboration, maximize performance, minimize risk, enhance design, accelerate innovation, and realize the value of unified CAD & CAE.

Optimec offers seamless MODSIM integration with the following packages, including training, collaboration, and backed by our 20+ years of experience supporting clients of all sizes.

Starting from $1 250/month

Integrated Modeling and Simulation (ModSim)

The Integrated Modeling and Simulation (ModSim) package allows product developers and design professionals to collaborate more efficiently on modelling and simulations, to provide the best insights and data to allow product designers to take better decisions. Integrated ModSim, will dramatically reduce lengthy iterations between stakeholders and will boost innovation unlocking the exploration of more options. Get a free assessment today!

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Simulation Driven Design for Structures

The Simulation Driven Design for Structures package puts the simulation at the very front of the product development cycle. Historically, product development is based on a trial & error approach. Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Simulation (CAE) speed things up, but the process isn’t optimal. Simulation Driven ModSIM will accelerate your product development cycle at least by 10x! WHAT IF you could start your cycle with the targeted requirements? Get a free assessment today!

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Simulation Driven Design for Fluids

The Simulation Driven Design for Fluids package offers a specific set of tools and methodologies to improve the efficiency of internal fluid systems by automatically generating flow-driven shapes, validated with easily set-up RANS (Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes) CFD simulations. These shapes will respect performance KPI targets, via a streamlined & intuitive workflow. Employing simulation earlier in your design process allows you to make better-informed design decisions, explore more options, and validate performance. Get a free assessment today!
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