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Privacy policy

Optimec Consultants commit to preserving the website visitors’ confidentiality. The following politic aims to inform you about the information transmitted to Optimec Consultants through its website and other third parties.

Data usage

All personal data shared intentionally such as name, phone number, email, job, company, etc. are destined for the internal use of Optimec Consultants. In no case will the data received be voluntarily sold.

This data can be used for marketing purposes for audience creation, retargeting, or communication using third parties such as Facebook, Linked In, Google, Zoho, and more.

Why do Optimec Consultants collect your data?

The data is used for communication and personalization of your experience with Optimec Consultants. It allows Optimec Consultants to create pertinent marketing campaigns and can be used for direct communications.

It is understood that by providing your personal information to Optimec Consultants, you accept that Optimec Consultants can get in contact and send you emails regarding new blog posts, promotions, or sales purposes.

At any time, you can unsubscribe from receiving Optimec Consultants’ communications by emailing our team at:

Google Analytics

Optimec Consultants use Google Analytics to create audiences and follow the user behavior on their website. Google Analytics and other third parties collect data such as page views, date, time, time on the page, visit frequency, links clicked on, and more. Data such as the IP address, device type, geographics, and language are also registered.

The anonymized data is used by Optimec Consultants for marketing purposes such as creating audiences and retargeting. The data help Optimec Consultants to understand where the user comes from to optimize its marketing campaigns accordingly.

Use of tags

Various tags, such as LinkedIn Pixel, are on the website to collect anonymized data for the unique use of Optimec Consultants for marketing activities.

Change notification.

In case of a privacy policy changed, all users that provided their information intentionally must be informed by email.


Optimec Consultants is not responsible for data shared by third-party companies such as Google, Facebook, Zoho, or LinkedIn.