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TOSCA : Topology Optimization Software

Topology optimization is a modern generative design method leveraging the Finite Element Analysis technology to automatically generate optimized shapes of parts with respect to the driving parameters set by the designer.

Starting from a 3D representation of the allowable design space, mathematical algorithms are used to remove material to keep only efficient load-bearing material, creating at the same time organically and optimized shapes.

Generative design modeling is used in several industries, from aerospace, automotive, industrial equipment, and others to reduce weight of products and accelerate the design process. Topology optimization is also the technology used to design parts aimed for the 3D printing process called additive manufacturing (AM), for either plastic or metal parts.

TOSCA Topology Optimization software offers solutions for optimizing structure (stiffness vs weight) and optimizing fluid flow designs (reducing pressure loss). First one is named TOSCA Structure, and the second one TOSCA Fluid.


Optimization performed in early phases of design speeds up the product development and hence results in a shorter time-to-market and a more optimized design. It allows you to gain and maintain a better competitive position in the marketplace with innovative, state-of-the-art designs.

With TOSCA Structure, you can create optimized design concepts with significant potential for savings of material and weight while creating lightweight, ready-to-manufacture product designs and reducing time-to-market, physical tests, and prototype builds.

Leverage modern optimization algorithms to generate lighter and more reliable products in a fraction of the time typically used by designers in a traditional manual design & analysis process.

Tosca: Stiffness improvement with shape optimisation approach
Tosca : Original concept compared to optimised shape
Tosca : Weight reduction with Tosca structure optimization
Tosca : Iterations produced by Tosca optimization, in a givien available space


TOSCA Structure is the market-leading technology for structural optimization based on industry standard FEA packages (ABAQUS, ANSYS, MSC NASTRAN). It allows for rapid and reliable design of lightweight, rigid, and durable components and systems.

Using topology optimization with Tosca Structural Topology you obtain optimal design proposals early during the design concept. TOSCA automatically removes material in your FE Model to create original and optimized parts.

TOSCA Structure offers four (4) modules each targeting a specific type of geometry shapes;

  • Topology to optimize solid parts,
  • Sizing to optimize thicknesses of sheet metal parts,
  • Shape to optimize local regions of high stresses,
  • Bead to generate embossing on sheet metal parts.