Dynamics analysis of an electronics switch


We realized a dynamic analysis of an electronics switch. The goal of the study was to validate the minimum natural frequency of the assembly, and to verify maximum stresses under a random...


Top load analysis of a plastic container

Consumer Goods & Packaging

Plastic containers for food or for industrial product must support a minimum top load charge for stacking, but must also be as light as possible to reduce material. A structural analysis was...


Structural analysis of an airplane table

Aerospace & Defense

Structural analysis of an aluminum stowable table for airplane passengers. Stress and deflections were verified under a static loading.  Nonlinear 3D contact and large displacements were defined...


Structural analysis of a transmission drum

Industrial Equipment

A transmission drum used in a farming equipment needed to be converted from aluminum to plastic material.  Using FEA, we analyzed the original design and several design iterations to converge...


Stiffness analysis of an engine mount

Ground Transportation

This study was to evaluate the stiffness in all directions of a recreational vehicle engine mount made of rubber. In order to accurately define the hyperlastic material model, experimental...