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New Issue of SIMULIA Magazine – Spring 2016

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New Issue of SIMULIA Magazine – Spring 2016 READ IT HERE!


New Issue of SIMULIA Magazine – Fall 2015

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New Issue of SIMULIA Magazine – Fall 2015. Read it Here.


Filled Plastic Container Drop Simulation

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Plastic Container Drop Simulation with Realistic loads Plastic containers are common sight in day-to-day life. These containers typically come with manufacturer’s warranty of minimum 10 years....


Has my mesh converged?

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Has my mesh converged? Finite Element Method as we know is a numerical technique finding approximate solution for structural problems. When solving a finite element problem, how do we ensure that...

Upcoming TRUE LOAD Webinar

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Nice video of ISIGHT and TOSCA Optimization

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Optimization is an under utilized technology in simulation.  Check this nice video highlighting how ISIGHT and TOSCA can both be used to efficiently optimize products. Dassault Systèmes portfolio...


Significance of Energies in FE Simulation – Part-1

Software Tips & Tricks

Solving Problems with Local Instabilities Energy balance is an important part in a Non-linear FEA analysis. In a static analysis, the Total Energy should ideally be zero. In a transient dynamic...


New Issue of SIMULIA Magazine – May 2015

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New release of SIMULIA Community News, May 2015. Read it Here.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Simulation for Weld Fatigue – as per API 579/ASME FFS-1

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The world has seen several disasters relating to metal fatigue in energy industry and many of them are result of weld fatigue throughout history resulting in loss of life and assets worth...


How to model bending and bending dominated problems in Abaqus?

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As FEA analysts, we often want to use solid elements 3D hexahedral elements, or 2D plane stress / plane strain / axisymmetric quadrilateral elements. Looking into the first order elements, we...