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  • 3DExperience is a platform where traditional products CATIA for CAD, SIMULIA for CAE and ENOVIA for PLM are all integrated under one common interface allowing companies to work in collaboration, on centralized¬†data.
  • Customers purchase Roles which contain a mix of apps coming form the traditional products to give each employee the best tools possible.
  • In the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform architecture, all product data are managed and contained in a centralized
    database on a server. This database contains the physical data, logical structure and requirements of your
    products and parts.
  • You can work with the data without having to copy or store them on your local computer. This simplifies the
    process of data management and facilitates collaboration and sharing of information.





  • ¬†One Unified User Experience
    • A common and easy to use user interface for all applications, from CATIA to SIMULIA
    • Seamless design and simulation integration
    • Simplified access to powerful realistic simulation applications
  • Simulation applications packaged by Roles
    • Example: Stress Engineer, Results Data Analyst, …
    • Instead of purchasing complete software, customers purchase Roles that includes a mix of selected apps coming from all tools in the SIMULIA portfolio.
  • Collaboration
    • Instantly Collaborate with your team
    • Perform chatting and screen exchanges
  • Designed for Cloud and On-Premise
    • Flexible for any company size
  • Modern Business Dashboarding
    • Displaying Business-critical information
    • Find and share information easily




  • ABAQUS technology used as Solver for all Simulation applications, even for Design engineers.
  • Better defeaturing capabilities for FE Model using CATIA capabilities.
  • Working on a centralized database sharing geometry and FE models, either on-premise or on the cloud.
  • CAD data and FE data are synchronized in real time limiting rework when geometry changes.
  • High Performance Visualization:
    • Provide versatile and high-performance postprocessing and visualization technologies to dramatically reduce time.
    • Leverages local and remote parallel processing
  • New Simulation Manager displaying Model, Scenarios and Results data
  • All simulation data managed by ENOVIA PLM apps in the background solving the issue of searching or losing files.