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Stress Analysis of a Phase Transformer

Finite Element Analysis
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Hydro-Quebec’s phase transformers are subjected to some severe loadings and must comply to specifications like, for example, TET-APG-N-0001 (Hydro-Quebec) standard for seismic loading. Beside seismic analyses, other load cases like pressure loads are usually analyzed.

This example shows displacement results under a negative pressure loading inside the tank. Displacements and stresses are examined to validate the structural integrity of the transformer. 

For analyses performed on such phase transformers, ABAQUS is used.  

For seismic analyses, natural frequencies are first calculated followed by a response spectrum analysis, in each direction. For this load case, the conservator on top acting as an oil reservoir is a critical area with its important mass suspended above the tank. 

For pressure loads, non-linear static analyses are used are stresses are validated in the tank walls.  

Analyses key benefits: 

  • Validate and optimize design before manufacturing 
  • Verify dynamics response and stability under seismic loads