Consulting Services


With about 20 years of experience in FEA consulting, we would like to help you innovate.

Engineering Simulation

  • Optimec Consultants offers a wide range of analysis services to support product development through our highly skilled and trained engineersAdvanced Finite Element Analysis Is The Core Of Our Expertise. With many years of experience in consulting and simulation software support, our specialists possess a rich and diversified stock of knowledge and experience to successfully realize numerical simulation projects in a timely manner.
  • Our offer of consulting services is very flexible with the customer requirements in terms of level of engagement, time and cost.  We work with long term commitment contracts and also smaller occasional projects.  We can realize an entire simulation project or complement customers expertise and tools.   Contact us to discuss your simulation needs and we’ll be happy to help you.
  • Over the last 12 years, we have helped customers in the following industries: Aerospace / Defense & Satellites, Ground Transportation, Industrial Equipment, Medical devices, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Consumer products & Packaging industry.  Our diverse experience with simulation is certainly an advantage when serving our customers.
  • Depending on the industry & scenario, we use the following types of analysis:
    • Linear and non-linear structural analyses with 3D contact for any type of materials, including metal, plastics, composites and rubber.  We often realize multi-steps simulations to realistically represent life scenarios.
    • Dynamics analysis from normal modes to transient excitation and random vibrations.
    • Thermal analyses including conduction, convection and radiation to obtain temperature distribution in assemblies.
    • Explicit dynamic analyses for impact and drop tests of components.
    • Coupled thermal-structural analyses.
    • Multi-Body dynamics simulation.
  • We are certified under Controlled Goods Canada, for projects in defence & space industry.
  • We use on a daily basis the following simulation tools for our consulting services:
    • ABAQUS
    • PATRAN
    • FE-SAFE
    • TOSCA
    • ISIGHT
    • I-DEAS.
  • Take a look at a sample of projects we recently realized:


Design Optimization

  • Optimec’s expertise in design optimization helps customer obtain better performing design and more reliable products in significantly less time than traditional product development process.  We use parametric and non-parametric optimization techniques early in the design stage to quickly obtain an optimized geometry.
  • Using non-parametric optimization, we realize Topology optimization of solid parts, letting the software remove material automatically while maximizing stiffness or minimizing stresses/ displacements.  We also optimize elements thickness and create bead patterns on thin shell structures optimizing for stress, displacement, natural frequencies, weight, or others important design variables.
  • We use Parametric Optimization techniques where design variables such as geometry dimensions or material properties, can be optimized through a process involving automatic and direct interaction between CAD software and FEA solvers.

Fatigue Analysis

  • Most of the products failure in operation happen due to repeated loading over a period of time. Fatigue is a complex phenomenon and physical fatigue tests are time consuming and far more expensive than other types of component testing. Using accurate simulation tools for fatigue analysis transforms weeks of physical testing into days of simulation.
  • Optimec Consultants has the expertise and the best in class simulation tools to perform accurate fatigue life prediction. Through the use of fatigue analysis, we can analyse durability of parts made from different types of materials, namely metals, cast irons, composites and rubber under cyclic loads.

FEA Process Automation & ABAQUS Customization

  • Optimec offers automation and implementation services with ABAQUS/CAE. We can help integrate ABAQUS and other simulation tools into your business processes for a successful implementation.  We can customize the ABAQUS interface with specific dialog boxes and phyton scripts to automate simulation tasks allowing greater productivity.
  • Optimec also offers Simulation Workflow Development services using ISIGHT software linking the different steps from CAD geometry to successful engineering simulations. Our simulation experts can create and deploy customized and automated simulation processes assuring repeatibility, greater efficiency and intellectual property protection against key engineer departure.
  • In addition to the simulation workflow development, we realize Design of Experiment (DoE), Sensitivity & Reliability Analyses taking into account parameters variability in simulations.  Stop doing one simulation of the one ideal scenario.  In reality, parameters like geometry dimensions, loads and material properties vary.  Take that into account during simulation for increase product robustness.

Metal Forming & Welding Simulations

  • Optimec has developed an expertise in metal forming simulation through its partnership with SIMUFACT. We help customers optimize manufacturing processes for Hot Forging, Cold Forming, and Sheet Forming. Many complex processes can also be successfully simulated like roll forming, ring rolling and cross-wedge rolling. We study the formability of parts looking at material flow and final shape, and validate tooling design by evaluating press forces and die loads/stresses.
  • We use a state of the art simulation technology with advanced material definition giving accurate prediction of forming processes, allowing customers to save time & money by reducing physical trials. Heat treatment simulations are also feasible with prediction of phases and material properties for steels.
  • Optimec also realize Welding Simulations using the modern SIMUFACT.WELDING software allowing to predict distortion and residual stresses after cooling. We can optimize the welding processes (sequences) and clamping positions to minimize distortions on large structures

Experimental Testing

  • The selection of materials for a product is an important and sometimes complex task. With our expertise in the fields of metals, plastics, and composite materials, we are able to advise you in material selection in order to meet requirements regarding the use, the manufacturing and the cost of your product.
  • We work with reputed testing labs to generate material properties (stress-strain curves) from experimental testing, assuring quality data inputs into the simulation.
  • Optimec also gets involve with testing and loads measurements. We partner with different labs and can lead experimental tests and data acquisition for stress/strain, vibrations and thermal tests. Our engineers also have a large experience in Test vs Simulation Correlation to fine tune and validate simulation models.

Industrial and Mechanical Design

  • Optimec can deliver Turnkey solutions for product development, from concept to final product. We start form Industrial Design with experienced designers who can innovate and bring life to you products, creating concepts that fulfill the performance requirements while being easy to manufacture.
  • We also offer Mechanical Design Services and 3D Modelling using the popular CAD software.