Best in class simulation software tools

  • Stress & Dynamics Analysis

    Linear & non-linear Stress analysis for metals, plastics, composites or rubber. Dynamics analyses in frequency or time domain.

  • Thermal Analysis

    Thermal analysis for steady state and transient cases. Thermal-structural coupled analysis.

  • Impact Shock Analysis

    Impact analysis : drop test, impact, crash analysis using explicit solvers.

  • Fatigue Analysis

    Calculate the life of parts & predict crack initiation under a fatigue loading.

  • Design Optimization

    Non-Parametric Topology & shape optimization.  Sheet thickness optimization.

    Parametric optimization using geometric or FE variables.

  • Fracture Mechanics

    Crack propagation analysis using different techniques (VCCT/XFEM).

  • Metal Forming Simulation

    Simulate Hot & Cold metal forming processes (forging, sheet forming, Roll forming,…).

    Simulate Additive Manufacturing Processes

  • Welding Simulation

    Simulate welding processes to predict thermal distortion and material properties.

  • Heat Treatment Simulation

    Simulate heat treatment processes to predict temperature profiles & mechanical properties.

  • Simulation Process development

    Automate simulation processes involving different commercial software to increase efficiency

  • CFD Analysis

    Computational fluid dynamics for fluid, coupled fluid-thermal and coupled fluid-structural problems

  • MultiBody / Loads prediction

    Loads measurements & FEA correlation of complex assemblies.