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SIMUFACT ADDITIVE is a powerful and scalable software solution for the simulation of metal-based additive manufacturing processes.

SIMUFACT ADDITIVE helps you to produce AM parts first-time-right:

  • Deformation of the manufactured part and of the base plate
  • Minimize residual stress
  • Optimize the build-up orientation
  • Optimize the support structure
  • Condition the part after heat treatment, base plate and support structure removal

Replace time-consuming testing with simulation methods!

Employ SIMUFACT ADDITIVE process simulation and save time and money:

  • Shorten your learning process dramatically
  • Run more variations prior to the production
  • Shorten time-to-market
  • Increase machine/manpower availability and productivity
  • Reduce material and energy consumption costs


Multi-scaling approach

Simufact Additive´s basic concept lays the foundation for a wide variability and scalability through different levels of details for the simulation results. Simufact Additive combines best approaches in one unique software solution.

We call this a multi-scaling approach:

  • Macroscopic approaches
    • Fast layer-based models
    • An extremely fast mechanical method for the prediction of distortion and residual stresses in the component
    • A thermo-mechanical method for the prediction of global heat distribution, distortion and residual stresses in the component and base plate
  • Mesoscopic approach (upcoming versions)
    • Intermediate approaches combining the advantages of reasonable analysis times and the desired level of detail
    • Hatching model, e.g. with inherent strain or thermal cycle
  • Microscopic approach (upcoming versions)
    • A fully thermo-mechanically coupled transient analysis to accurately determine the temperature history and derived properties like the microstructure.
    • Heat source model
    • High level of detail, based on multiphase models

Improved solver technology

Simufact Additive is based on MSC´s proven MARC solver technology

  • Leading solution for non-linear numerical simulations
  • Covering a broad range of physics
  • Efficient matrix solvers
  • Parallelization and speed-up of the analysis by using multiple processor cores and shared memory
  • Further dedicated advancement for AM purposes
  • Scalable regarding speed and level of detail
  • Enables high resolution models with respect to solid fraction